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Our Conservatories are professional training programs designed to prepare actors for careers in stage, film, and television.

We provide real-world exposure, including out-of-classroom access like internships at the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, as well as The New York Fringe Festival. We have an excellent track record; each year our actors go out into the industry and book prominent work. Our Conservatory actors have appeared on EVERY major network, in films released by MOST motion picture studios, and on PREMIERE stages, Broadway and beyond.

Some of our classes are on temporary hold due to COVID-19 Restrictions. Please contact us for details and future dates. 

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Summer Conservatory

The Summer Conservatory is a six-week intensive designed to immerse actors in the craft. It is an acting boot camp. Actors attend classes 9am-5pm from Monday through Friday. Each day consists of Acting, Movement, Voice, and in addition to Auditioning, Camera, Shakespeare and much more. It is exhilarating and unforgettable. There is also an Evening Conservatory for those actors wishing to keep their days free.

Our Summer Conservatory features a rigorous curriculum for the serious actor.  What has become one of the most successful summer programs in the country is geared towards university students and professionals looking for an opportunity to work on their craft full-time.  Actors find the intensive immersion of the Summer Conservatory to be an exciting, life-changing experience.

With an emphasis on classes that develop the actor’s instrument, our program leads actors towards a deeper understanding, not only of their craft, but of themselves.  Our summer intensives include scene study, movement, voice, camera, Shakespeare, acting techniques, clown, improvisation, and the business of acting-all taught by the Michael Howard Studios’ preeminent faculty.

Some of our classes are on temporary hold due to COVID-19 Restrictions. Please contact us for details and future dates. 

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One-Year Conservatory

The One-Year Conservatory runs from 9 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday beginning in September. The first few months focus on the fundamentals and essentials of the craft.When the Conservatory resumes in January, specialized workshops are introduced and many core classes continue. We offer a series of Acting as a Business Seminars, Alexander, Clown, Commercial Technique, Improvisation, Mask, Monologue, Solo Performance, and more.

In January, actors who participate in Plans B or C begin their study in additional professional classes. Students who choose Plan B will be invited into one of our ongoing Scene Study classes, which are populated by professional working actors and taught by the Studios' most experienced and accomplished faculty.

In addition to joining one of the ongoing Scene Study classes, students who pursue Plan C will be welcomed into two professional workshops: these workshops include Acting for the Camera, Auditioning Skills, Comedy, Commercial Skills, Daytime Drama, Monologue, Movement, Shakespeare, Solo Performance, Voice, and Voice-Over Technique.

Beginning in April, our actors start to prepare for Productions and our Showcase. This is a great exercise in multi-tasking, a skill necessary to succeed in this business. The Showcase is seen by a packed house of industry professionals, including agents, managers and casting directors.

Our Conservatory is designed to give serious actors the tools they need to start a career in theatre, film, and television.  This program is constructed to enhance all elements of the actor’s instrument and craft.  Different disciplines are included to enable the actor to develop artistically and to grow as an individual, including voice and body work, on-camera audition skills, Shakespeare, and improvisation, amongst others.  Though the teachers have different backgrounds, they have in common the commitment and passion to help actors develop an acting method of their own and construct a life in the American Theatre - a life that will include the legitimate stage, film, and television.  Instruction includes classes focusing on artistic growth as well as lessons and strategies to help students learn how to navigate the business of acting.

The year culminates with a full theatrical production and industry showcase.  Following the One-Year, students participating in the Two-Year Conservatory will be part of a mentorship program with industry professionals.  They will also be part of advanced classes, master intensives, and production, including stage and camera.  During this time, actors are free to audition and book professional work.

Some of our classes are on temporary hold due to COVID-19 Restrictions. Please contact us for details and future dates. 

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Two-Year Conservatory

The Two-Year Conservatory takes each actor through the intensive training of the One- Year, and then continues in a second year of mentorship, advanced classes, and production, including stage and camera. They are mentored by industry professionals on a daily basis. During this time they continue to audition and book professional work. The experience is unparalleled. All Conservatory programs require an application as well as recommendations. The One and Two-Year conservatories require an audition with two contrasting monologues.

Some of our classes are on temporary hold due to COVID-19 Restrictions. Please contact us for details and future dates. 

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Independent Conservatory

Would your students benefit from professional classes and networking opportunities in New York City? Through the Michael Howard Studios Independent Conservatory, students from colleges across the country have received invaluable exposure to the entertainment industry while receiving college credit and establishing Michael Howard Studios as their artistic home in New York. We are now accepting proposals of all shapes and sizes for the Michael Howard Studios Independent Conservatory for 2020/2021!

The Michael Howard Studios Independent Conservatory is a flexible program that accommodates a wide variety of class sizes, terms, and budgets. Proposals can be customized to fit the needs of individual schools and individual students. Below are just a few of the unique features that have allowed schools to customize the Michael Howard Studios Independent Conservatory:

  • Variable program size, from individual students through classes of 20+
  • Flexible length of study, from short-term programs, to summers, to full semesters or academic years
  • Class selection, such as Acting for Film & Television, Audition Technique, Improv, Scene Study, Voice, and many more
  • Insider industry access, including industry internships and networking events
  • Course credit options, from individual electives to full semester course loads

Michael Howard Studios is committed to helping emerging actors in the entertainment capital of the world through professional training and our extensive network of industry professionals. Through the Michael Howard Studios Independent Conservatory, we have built lasting relationships with actors and programs from across the country, and we hope that you and your students will be the next to join us!

Some of our classes are on temporary hold due to COVID-19 Restrictions. Please contact us for details and future dates. 

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Youth Conservatory

Each day will start with a morning warm up so students can prepare their voices, minds, and bodies, and will be followed by short and long form Improvisation to exercise their creativity. On alternating days, students will learn Monologues and Audition Technique.  They will also receive On-Camera Classes to get a feel for film and television work. Each day will end with an Acting and Scene Study class, where students will study text analysis and acting techniques through scene work.

Our faculty consists of teaching artists from Michael Howard Studios, all of whom have extensive experience teaching young actors and working in New York City.

On the last day of the Young Actor Conservatory, students will present either monologues or scenes from their course of study for their family and friends.

Each actor will be given specific feedback on their growth throughout the program and will be awarded with certificates of completion.

MHS Annual Showcase

The MHS Conservatory Showcase is an incredible opportunity for our Students to work with our expert instructors in all areas of creation, writing, acting, production and direction to showcase their talents and vision for New York to experience.

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