GABRIELLE BERBERICH is the Owner of Michael Howard Studios. While attending Marymount Manhattan College on a merit scholarship, Berberich launched her career in media as a college freshman, when her interviews of a "Who's Who" of the golden age of television were published in Serling: The Rise And Twilight of Television's Last Angry Man, a Penguin/Dutton biography of Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling. The book went on to be nominated for a Pulitzer and Berberich went on to become a freelance writer/photographer and publicist.

After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and was hired by Universal Studios in casting Penny Marshall's Parkway Productions film With Friends Like These… (Bill Murray, Martin Scorsese, Laura San Giacomo, David Strathairn, Alan Arkin, Amy Madigan, Elle Macpherson). Gabrielle was then tapped by Rysher Entertainment (Oz, Nash Bridges, Family Brood, Martial Law) to join their creative affairs department. That same year, she invested in a Beverly Hills Restaurant and Lounge, Naked Lunch. Next, she co-founded an independent casting company, casting such projects as Universal Soldier: The Return (Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bill Goldberg, Michael Jai White) and If You Only Knew (Gabrielle Anwar, Jonathan Schaech, Allison Eastwood). She would later expand into producing, music videos, commercials and film, including the multi-award-winning shorts, The Quarry and The Hook-Armed Man, which screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide.

Gabrielle returned to New York in 2001 and began running the New York City office of a national charity, doing celebrity fundraising specifically to raise money for people who had been disabled or lost loved ones in 9/11. She “recast” their NYC office bringing in colleagues from HBO, Spelling Productions, and Paramount.  Together, they shot several award-winning PSA’s. Through this work she became deeply involved in Project H.A.P.P.Y., a Saturday program for kids with disabilities. She now sits on their financial advisory board.

After deciding that she would head back to entertainment, in 2005, she bought the prestigious Michael Howard Studios, the longest running privately-owned acting studio in New York City, and her production company Hudson Mermaid expanded into producing feature films. Berberich wrote and produced the critically-praised Greetings From The Shore (Kim Shaw, Paul Sorvino, David Fumero, Jay O. Sanders, Cristin Milioti, Lars Arentz-Hansen), which played in over 70 festivals around the world, received 45 awards, opened in theaters on September 12, 2008 and is now enjoying a successful international release.  In 2006, Berberich also co-produced Hounddog (Dakota Fanning, Robin Wright, David Morse) which opened in theaters September 19, 2008. In 2009, she produced a commercial for Paul Sorvino’s pasta sauce brand which you can watch here.

Gabrielle produced Shakespeare in the Present with world-renowned voice and speech authority, Patsy Rodenburg, who has worked with (among others): Dame Judi Dench, Joseph Fiennes, and Wallace Shawn. Several times a year, Gabrielle teaches a popular On-Camera Film and